Closer to the Sky

by Sweet Colleens

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The Twin Cities’ Sweet Colleens have taken their genre-busting Celti-Cajun Folk-Pop sound to new heights with Closer to the Sky. With their feet planted firmly in American-roots music, the Colleens bring a spirit of joy and adventure to their 4th studio release, embracing the intimate melodies of traditional folk, crafting bold musical arrangements, and harnessing the power of modern rock.

The 11 tracks on Closer to the Sky take listeners on a wild musical ride, bridging diverse styles with seamless integrity. And the band’s original songs and instrumentals travel a beautiful, broken world: from the Great Plains to the beaches of San Diego, from smoky Toronto nightclubs to Cajun dancehalls, from Irish pubs to a quiet street in Nordeast Minneapolis. With Closer to the Sky, The Sweet Colleens have redefined their sound while staying true to the emotional core of their past.


released January 1, 2013



all rights reserved


Sweet Colleens Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Sweet Colleens are accomplished multi-instrumentalists who fuse their diverse musical backgrounds into a high-energy, infectious, and crowd-pleasing mix of “fiddle-infused, accordion-fueled, celti-cajun folk pop.” With rootsy original songs, warm vocal harmonies, and fiery instrumental arrangements, the Twin Cities-based Sweet Colleens are winning fans across the country. ... more

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Track Name: California
This is how it started: two names in the sand
Horses on the ocean and a diamond in her hand
Running down the boardwalk caught up in a swirl
Of summertime, strawberry wine and a sun-speckled girl

California (faraway)
California, so far far far away
California (faraway)
They never warn you that life just slips away
It just slips away

We said goodbye San Diego without a second thought
Gazed into the canyon – the desert wind was hot
Up onto the mountain closer to the sky
Come rolling down took a look around trying to find a better life than


Remember us in ’98, caught behind the hit parade
Salty Dog was on the trap, my daddy drinking in the back
The crowd was gone there was no one left, I stuck a Jerry Jones around my neck
Stepped up to the microphone and said “Take me home”

Track Name: Good to be Back
I came in from the future
Put my suitcase by the door
Looked around at the town where it all went down
It looked just like it did before
There were backroom conversations
Selling your soul for a second of fame (superstar)
And there were sexual relations
By any other name

It’s good to be back
It’s good to be back now
It’s good to be back but as a matter of fact
It’s great to be gone

I dreamed I was a hippy
Back in the Summer of Love
Going to San Francisco
With my suitcase and guitar
I ran with the Jefferson Airplane
Papa John Creach and Mama Cass (oh yes)
And when I woke up in the morning
I put my bare feet in the grass


It’s midnight in Toronto, and
I’m hanging with the hometown boys
Living the days of glory, the porn star stories
Everybody smoking Don Diegos, drinking eighty-dollar
Bottles of wine, little brother I’m fine
I’m just sick and tired and broke (most of the time)
But I’ve got a sweet thing going down in Minneapolis
And everything is all right

Track Name: Oh My My My (Look at that Girl)
It was the last set down at the Lucky in Love
We was the hometown band at the honkytonk club
Everybody come from miles around
To hear the Minnesota boys with the Cajun sound
Nothing so fine as a full dance floor and just when I think I couldn’t ask for more
I get a nudge-nudge, a wink and a grin,
Saying “Check it out, Jem, what just walked in”

Oh my my my look at that girl
Popping my eyes, shaking my world
Wasting all the wannabe Zydeco queens
Dancing to the music of the Sweet Colleens
Oh my my she’s making every head turn
A little hillbilly, little Audrey Hepburn
I got my fingers crossed she’s gonna give me a whirl
Oh my my my, look at that girl

So we hit the tunes and I took my chance
I sidled up and said “How about a dance?”
She sipped her drink, I snapped a smile
She said, “City boys are not my style”
“I’m the Grand Old Opry, you’re the Grateful Dead”
“I’m a Tennessee woman, you’re a cheesehead”
“I’m Republican, Aristocrat”
“You got a no-good band full of Democrats”


Come on, Come on, Come on my little darlin’
(No, no, no, I won’t go)
Come on, Come on, Come on my little darlin’,
We gonna play a little Zydeco
Come on, Come on, Come on my little darlin’
(No, no, no… well, maybe)
Come on, Come on, Come on my little darlin’,
Get on the floor and dance with me

Track Name: Look at that Moon
Just look at that moon, before you say good-bye
Remember the big sky and a beautiful June
Where you are going, we can’t be together
But I’ll be there whenever you look at that moon

South Carolina, it’s so far from the Great Plains
The fields and the freight trains, Won’t you please come back soon?
And if you ever wonder how much I miss you
How I’m longing to kiss you, just look at that moon

Just look at the moon coming up at the day’s end
Looking down like an old friend who’s been there all along
Just look at the moon, put your troubles behind you
Let the moonlight remind you that someone is thinking of you

This year’s been a hard one, and love is still a riddle
But the older the fiddle, the sweeter the tune
And if you ever wonder if I still love you
Turn your eyes up above you and look at that moon
Turn your eyes up above you, and look at that moon
Track Name: The Diamond Lake Reel
Track Name: Janna's Gettin' Married
I pull into the old town after many years and miles
I’m slapping hands with high school friends and faking smiles
The church is filled with flowers, I straighten up my sleeve
The music starts, and my poor heart still cannot believe, that

Janna’s getting married (woah-ho-ho)
Bells are gonna ring (woah-ho-ho)
Janna’s getting married, everyone is happy
Everyone but me

She was still a sophomore, we took my old red car
It was summer love and the stars above down by the reservoir
Then I moved to the city, she said that she would wait
But I played cool and like a fool I let her slip away, now


And she’s walking down the aisle now
And she never looked so beautiful
Every once in a while
You find something worth believing
You find something worth believing
You find something

Track Name: Fish Out of Water
I slip my way beneath the glass
The coast guard waits, the hours pass above Arabia
A tourist town, blue lake, blue sky
Oblivious to the thermocline as I descend into the darkness
Hand by hand, down the line
On VHF the rumors fly: He shouldn’t have been down there in the first place
My searchlight sweeps the sandstone floor
The O.P.P. wait at her door: There’s been an accident

Fish out of water, it’s lonely at the bottom
Fish out of water, it’s lonely, lonely, lonely at the bottom


2. The current here flows from the west
It might have pulled him from the wreck so I work my way downstream
The final moments, panic rises
The air is gone, he realizes he’s not goin’ back up again alive
Does life pass before your eyes?
I heard he had a wife and child, should be getting’ into town tonight
The cops will write a press release
It might just make the CBC, and in the distance, in the distance…



I slip my way beneath the glass
The coast guard waits, the hours pass above Arabia.
Track Name: Swing to the Left
A dog day sunset has come and gone
Satellite dish moon is a-rising
We’ve got Dylan on the boombox singing “Every Grain of Sand”
Your head on my shoulder and your waist in my hands

Swing to the left, swing to the right
It looks like love on a magic night

I cried out to Jesus and he said, “Jem, here’s the scoop
Don’t look for answers if you want to know the truth
But follow every highway, scour every sky
Watch for the woman with the looking-glass eye”


Everybody listened as the politician spoke
He said “It’s time to stand up for the ordinary folk”
And he accidentally meant it, and the critics held their tongue
And just for a moment, the world was one

Track Name: Benjamin Street
Track Name: Sunshine
You just want someone to hear you
Understand what you’re living through
How the darkness overwhelms you
Until no daylight gets through
But you won’t feel this way forever
You won’t feel this way forever

A little sunshine
A little sunshine helps so much
A little sunshine
A little sunshine, yes it does

I can see you by the ocean
The salt wind sparkling your hair
There is no past, there is no future
Just you and me standing here


Overcast, raining
There’s one hundred thousand shades of gray
One day we’ll wake up and, baby
The clouds will roll away

Track Name: May I Suggest
May I suggest
May I suggest to you
May I suggest this is the best part of your life
May I suggest
This time is blessed for you
This time is blessed and shining almost blinding bright
Just turn your head
And you’ll begin to see
The thousand reasons that were just beyond your sight
The reasons why
Why I suggest to you
Why I suggest this is the best part of your life

There is a world
That’s been addressed to you
Addressed to you, intended only for your eyes
A secret world
A treasure chest to you
Of private scenes and brilliant dreams that mesmerize
A tender lover’s touch
A tiny baby’s hands
The million stars that fill the turning sky at night
Oh I suggest
Oh I suggest to you
Oh I suggest this is the best part of your life

There is a hope
That’s been expressed in you
The hope of seven generations, maybe more
And this is the faith
That they invest in you
It’s that you’ll do one better than was done before
Inside you know
Inside you understand
Inside you know what’s yours to finally set right
And I suggest
And I suggest to you
And I suggest this is the best part of your life

This is a song
Comes from the west to you
Comes from the west, comes from the slowly setting sun
This is a song
With a request of you
To see how very short the endless days will run
And when they’re gone
And when the dark descends
Oh we’d give anything for one more hour of light
May I suggest
May I suggest to you
May I suggest this is the best part of your life